Baseball Hitting Tips: How to Properly Run to First Base

Having the right form when running from the batter’s box to 1st first base could make the difference between an out or safe called runner on the base paths.

March 10, 2017

After making contact with the ball, you become a baserunner. You need to put your head down and run hard at all times.

On a ball hit in the infield where a play might be made at first base, you should sprint down the line and try to hit the front part of the bag with your foot. Make sure to keep your eyes on the base, not at the ball as you run. After passing the base, chop your steps to slow down, lowering your body position by bending your knees. At the same time, look to the right side in case there is an overthrow that would allow you to take an extra base. You always want to be thinking about the next play.