Baseball Pitching Tips: How to Get in a Proper Pitching Mindset

Pitching is as much a mental exercise as a physical feat. Our pros provide insights into commanding the mound to give you the edge.

October 21, 2016

As a pitcher, your job is to get outs. To do that, you need to throw strikes. An athletic, repeated delivery is the best way to consistently throw strikes. An aggressive mindset is key on the mound. You want to challenge hitters with your fastball. By repeating your delivery and commanding the fastball with good accuracy, you can gain confidence. “Command” is what coaches and scouts call it when a player can throw the fastball where they want it. It means they are very accurate with that pitch.

When you have accuracy, you can challenge hitters, throw strikes and get outs. But, it all starts with a positive, strong mindset.