Baseball Pitching Tips: The Proper Finish for Pitching Consistently and Accurately

As a pitcher, at the moment of release we become a field player. A strong finish not only fluidly transitions to an athletic stance, but promotes heathier throwing arms.

November 04, 2016

Once you release the ball, you need to make sure that you finish the pitch and follow through. This is very important not only for delivering a good pitch, but also for the health of your arm.

You want to keep an eye on how you get extension with the arm right after release. The arm finishes outside of the stride foot as it decelerates with a full arm swing. The back should get flat, parallel with the ground. The back leg kicks through so that you are using the lower half of the body to bring both legs square to the target or slightly staggered. The key is to finish in an athletic, comfortable position where you’re ready to field a ground ball. Eyes should be up, on the target.

Make sure to finish every pitch. Unfortunately, there are arm issues with pitchers who stop or recoil very quickly. Pitchers should have a full, smooth finish, which will make for better pitches and healthier arms.

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