Basketball 101: Catching the Ball Smoothly

Being able to come down with a clean catch can help maintain your team’s offensive mojo.

February 20, 2019

There are a number of fundamental skills basketball players must have to find success on the court, such as dribbling, passing, rebounding and shooting.


Catching is among these essential skills.


Being able to cleanly catch a pass is vital in running a smooth offense. The first component when catching a pass is to always be ready. Make sure that you know where the ball is at all times.




To catch a ball with proper form:

  • When the pass begins to move toward you, step in the direction of the ball with both hands out in front ready to receive.
  • After securing the ball with two hands, work to transition into the triple-threat position. This stance can help you be ready to pass, shoot or dribble the ball.

Making a clean catch can help to maintain your team’s offensive flow.


It's always important to work on your passing and catching. The Five-Star Passing Drill can help build your team’s chemistry, communication and passing skills in a fast-paced environment.