Bruce Mitchell's Three Tips for Cooking on a Griddle

Use these flat top tips for your next cookout and command your grilling station this season.

July 30, 2019

Flat top griddles can make for great outdoor cooking stations. The versatility of multiple heat zones can allow you to grill up an entire backyard feast with ease. Like a large outdoor skillet, griddle cooking can handle flavorful meals for the whole party.

Getting started with your flat top griddle can be a breeze with the right ingredients for success. Television personality and Blackstone Ambassador Bruce Mitchell has a few tips to help add some sizzle to your griddle cooking.


The first tip Mitchell suggests for a flavorful griddling experience is to use stainless steel spatulas on your cooking surface. “Pan scrapers are alright, but these are the deal,” he says. Using these griddling accessories can allow you to maneuver, flip and mix your ingredients as they simmer on the grill. You can also use these tools as scrapers to help clean your flat top surface during cooking.

Mitchell also suggests using two spatulas at once when cooking on a flat top grill. This can help you manage your food items without cross-contaminating the meals. 


In addition to your spatulas, Mitchell also recommends adding a water bottle to your list of griddling accessories. Having water at the ready can allow you to cook with steam.

“What steam does is cooks your food faster,” Mitchell says. “For some reason, it just puts flavor into the food and just makes it good.”

A squeeze water bottle can be the perfect option for accurately adding steam to each heat zone.


Mitchell’s third tip for cooking on a flat top grill deals with your prep work. Because of griddle cooking’s fast-paced nature, you don’t have time to simultaneously prepare ingredients and monitor the flat top. Instead, Mitchell suggests getting your ingredients in order before you grill.

“Before you start cooking, get all your ingredients prepped, cut up and ready to go because it [doesn’t] take long to cook on these things,” he says.

Having your ingredients prepped can make tending the flat top easier and simpler. There’s no need to break your concentration as you cook up another tasty meal.


As a bonus tidbit, Mitchell says to prepare for the one surefire result of cooking on a flat top: company.

“Always cook more than you need,” Mitchell says. “Because when you’re cooking … your neighbors are coming to eat with you. It’s a fact.”

Cooking on a flat top griddle can be a great way to feed plenty of people with quality, tasty meals. Use these Pro Tips and fire up some fun with your next outdoor cooking experience.

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