Football Drills: 5-10-5 Shuttle Run

This shuttle run variation can measure change of direction and can be added to workouts to help boost agility.

August 14, 2019

There are a number of skills that can set a player apart on the football field: speed, strength, explosiveness and football IQ, just to name a few.

Change of direction can be of equal importance.

Being able to quickly change direction is a critical skill needed to play at several positions. These include receiver, running back and defensive back. The 5-10-5 Shuttle Run is commonly used in a practice format, as well as scouting combines, to help improve and test agility.

“The Shuttle Run is often used in combines in order to measure a change of direction or measure the ability to change direction,” Division I football coach Chris Merritt says. “We also use it in training in the offseason to train our athletes.”


To get started, you’ll need the proper setup. The drill can be easily performed on a football field using the yard lines as markers. However, you can bring along cones to help coordinate finishing spots.

To run through the 5-10-5 Shuttle Run:

  • Start in a three-point stance.
  • On the whistle or command, step with your back foot going to your right.
  • Take about four steps to your right.
  • Plant and reach to the yard line or cone five yards to the right of the starting line.
  • Turn to your left and sprint across 10 yards.
  • Touch the line or cone with your left hand.
  • Finish by running through the final five yards to your right.

Remember that the 5-10-5 Shuttle Run gets its name from the distances you run: five yards to your right, 10 yards to the left, five yards to the right.

Agility and change of direction can help you stand out on the football field. Working on the 5-10-5 Shuttle Run can help you improve your change of direction when it matters most.

Looking for more ways to boost your football skills? Try incorporating Single Leg Hops into your next practice. This drill uses agility hurdles to boost your explosiveness. Another way to boost both speed and explosiveness is by using an agility ladder in practice.