Brooks Koepka's Golf Workout Tips

The professional golfer breaks down how focusing on your core and glutes can impact your golf game.

April 21, 2020

Working on your golf game doesn’t stop in between rounds. Making gains in the gym can also lead to making strides on the course.


Adding specific exercises to your workout routine can help increase the power and stability of your swing. Professional golfer Brooks Koepka spoke to Pro Tips about the ways you can work on improving your golf game when you hit the gym.



Golf requires strength in a number of muscle groups but, naturally, some areas might benefit from more attention. These can include your core and glutes.


Glutes play a major part in your golf swing. This muscle group is responsible for your power, stability and speed. Working your glutes can help you get more out of your performance with greater distance off contact and improved stability in your stance.


“You can’t hit a golf ball far unless you’re connected to the ground. And the only way you do that is to have strong glutes,” Koepka says. “You look at the guys that hit the ball furthest right now on tour, they’re some of the strongest, most athletic guys. And they know what they’re doing. They know how to use the ground properly.”


Ready to work on your glutes? Try these exercises to help you train in the gym:

Koepka also recommends focusing on your core. These muscles located around your midsection can impact your golf swing. By working on your core, you can help improve your stability. And this can help lead to more powerful and consistent swings.


“You’ll see a massive increase to the average golfer if they did core stuff,” Koepka says. “It doesn’t always need to be strengthening but just movement patterns. They’ll pick up speed and flexibility. And that’s what everybody needs.”


Ready to add some core exercises to your routine? Check out these popular exercises from Pro Tips:


Being fit can also keep your golf game in good shape. Putting work in at the gym can help you add yards to your swing that can lead to lower scores. Use these Brooks Koepka workout tips to build your ideal golf workout program.


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