Golf Workout Tips with Rory McIlroy

The professional golfer explains how hitting the gym can boost your game and also shares some of his favorite exercises.

February 05, 2021

Spending time at the driving range or practicing your putts are just the beginning of improving your golf game. To help lower your score, it can be equally important to develop your physical fitness.


Putting work in at the gym can have a major impact on your performance on the course. It can help improve the speed, power and control of your swing. Pro Tips spoke with professional golfer Rory McIlroy to find out about his workout regimen.


“Golf over the last few years has definitely become more of an athletic endeavor,” McIlroy says. “You don’t have to look like a football player to play golf. But at the same time, there are certain things you need within your body to help you swing the right way.”




McIlroy has a variety of exercises he does in the gym. He says he likes to focus on exercises that make him feel explosive or springy. These include landmines, box jumps and plyometric exercises. “Stuff to really try to train that speed element of things,” McIlroy notes.


Ready to add some plyometric exercises to your regimen? Check out these four exercises to help boost your workout routine. New to box jumps? Get started with this Pro Tips guide and learn proper box jump technique.




Exercising can help improve the speed and power of your swing. However, McIlroy says it can also boost your stability. Having stability throughout your swing can help you keep your club on the proper path.


“I think most people can create a little bit of speed,” McIlroy says. “But I think what happens at impact is there’s a lot of people that aren’t stable enough and can’t stabilize the right areas of their body to keep that speed going all the way through impact.”


One way you can help improve your stability is by focusing on your core. These exercises focus on muscles in your midsection. Check out these popular core exercises from Pro Tips:



It’s important to work out throughout the year. McIlroy says his regimen changes depending on if it is in-season or off-season. There are clear differences between the two types of workouts for McIlroy:

  • His off-season workouts tend to be longer and more intense. The idea is to help improve your capacity in preparation for the season.

  • McIlroy’s in-season workouts focus on maintenance over making gains. Most of his in-season focus is on playing and practicing on the course.

“You still have to spend your time maintaining what you’ve tried to build,” McIlroy says. “But my workouts in the off-season look quite a lot different than how they look in the middle of it.”


Don’t overlook the importance of working out to your golf game. Making gains in the gym can help lead to improved play on the course.


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