Four Best Treadmill Workouts

Running on a treadmill doesn’t have to be boring. Add variety to your routine with these four treadmill workouts.

March 27, 2020
Male running on treadmill

It’s no secret that running on a treadmill doesn’t always seem very exciting. But with the right treadmill, the right treadmill running shoes and the right routine, you can get fit from home and have fun doing it. With the help of certified personal trainer Caitlin Wass, Pro Tips is here to help you get creative with your cardio.


Prevent your routine from getting stale with these under-30-minute treadmill workouts.




HIIT – also known as high-intensity interval training – is a training style growing in popularity thanks to its low time commitment and high flexibility. It incorporates bursts of high-intensity activity followed by periods of recovery. This treadmill interval workout will have you alternate periods of walking and running.


Workout Time: 25 minutes


• Begin your workout with a five-minute warmup that transitions from a walking pace to a light jog.

• Run at a heavy pace for 30 seconds, followed by one minute of walking.

• Repeat the intervals for a total of 10 times.

• End your workout with a five-minute cooldown, transitioning from a light jog to an easy walk.




Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1? This lower-body treadmill workout can help you strengthen your quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes while also getting in your cardio. For this routine, we pair traditional treadmill movements with walking lunges and lateral squat walks. For these movements be sure to choose a low speed that you are comfortable with.


Workout Time: 25 minutes


• Begin with a five-minute warmup.

• Jog at a light pace for one minute.

• With your hands on the treadmill’s handrails, perform walking lunges for one minute. To perform a walking lunge, take a controlled step forward, bend your knee until it is parallel to your ankle and your opposing knee almost touches the belt. Push off with your toes and repeat with your other leg.

• To perform lateral squat walks, turn your body so you are standing sideways on your treadmill, facing to the right. Place your hands on the right railing. Take a side-step with your left leg and bend your knees into a squat. Bring your right foot in. Repeat for one minute.

• Turn your body so you are standing sideways on your treadmill facing left. Perform lateral squat walks for one minute, taking your side-step with your right leg.

• Walk at a brisk pace for one minute.

• Repeat steps 2-5.

• Finish your workout with a five-minute cooldown.




You already know you can run on a treadmill, so how about a hike? Get in a hiking workout on your treadmill with this routine that utilizes the incline feature to mimic hills.


Workout Time: 30 minutes


• Start with a five-minute warmup.

• While maintaining a walking pace, raise your treadmill’s incline grade to 12 or 15 percent.

• Walk for four minutes.

• Reduce the incline grade to five percent and jog for one minute.

• Repeat steps 2 and 3 four times.

• Cool down for five minutes.




Challenge yourself with this treadmill strength workout. This routine will have you briefly press pause on your machine to perform some bodyweight workouts before your cardio sessions.


Workout Time: 30 minutes


• With the belt at a standstill, stand on the treadmill. Complete 10 standing incline push-ups with your arms on the railing.

• Perform 10 squats while remaining on the paused treadmill.

• Turn the treadmill on to a speed you are comfortable with and jog for five minutes.

• Repeat for three or four rounds.


Whether you’re running indoors or outdoors, it is always important to make sure you are stretching before and after your workout. For more ideas on working out from home, check out our list of the best home workout equipment and home routines.