How to Choose a Fanny Pack for Your Activity

Add some fashion to your action with the best fanny pack for your needs.

October 22, 2019

Portable, fashionable, convenient. There’s a reason why the fanny pack has so many, well, fans. This timeless accessory is as practical as it is stylish. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a trek through the woods, a fanny pack can help keep your essentials safe.


Once given the reputation of being “uncool,” fanny packs today are anything but. They are now a must-have item for anyone from hikers to travelers. From the best biking fanny packs to the best fanny packs for travel, learn how to find the perfect blend of style and performance with these Pro Tips.



Fanny packs today are more than just a pouch and a strap. These must-have accessories come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some even have built-in earphone holes.


However, when it comes to choosing a fanny pack for your activities, there are a few key features to keep in mind.




The material used in your fanny pack may affect how you use it. Some of the best hiking fanny packs are made with water-resistant nylon materials. These may also be useful for biking and running.


If you need a fanny pack for a stadium event, you may want one with a clear, plastic material.


For everyday use, look for a fanny pack made with canvas fabrics. And, if you want to elevate your style, look for one with satin and silk feels.




When choosing a fanny pack, size is an important consideration. For workout fanny packs, you may want something small that can only fit the essentials.


If you need a fanny pack for an extended outing, like hiking or festivals, you'll want a larger bag that can hold sunscreen and snacks.




Organization is important when it comes to your fanny pack. Knowing exactly where all your essentials are helps you stay on the go. Multiple compartments may be helpful if you are packing a variety of items.


On the other hand, some fashion packs simply consist of one front pouch. This may work for everyday use, but probably wouldn’t be suitable for sport or travel.




Most fanny packs have a strap that is easily adjustable. This enables you to wear the fanny pack in multiple ways.


You can wear it in the classic style, around your waist with the pouch in front or to your side. A new approach to fanny pack styling is wearing it cross-body. Here you can keep the pouch in the front for easy access or wear it on your back like a one-strap backpack.



Fanny packs come in multiple sizes and styles, which makes them all the more versatile. While you can keep up with trends by wearing a fanny pack on the daily, there are some settings in particular where a waist pack comes in handy.


  • Hiking: A classic use, hikers use fanny packs to keep their snacks and gear handy, so they aren't slowed down. When choosing the best fanny pack for hiking, you'll want to focus on size and material. A larger, waterproof pack will help keep your essentials safe.
  • Biking: Bikers can benefit greatly from fanny packs. Most bike shorts don’t have pockets, and wearing a backpack can weigh you down. However, a small fanny pack offers the perfect location for your phone and keys.
  • Running: Running fanny packs have long been a staple in the community. To avoid unnecessary bulk that gets in the way of your form, look for smaller styles that will hold only your most important gear.
  • Festivals: Long days and large crowds make it difficult to carry large bags full of belongings. That’s why fanny packs are a perfect solution for festivalgoers. Festivals are also the perfect time to choose a fashionable pack with fun colors and patterns.
  • Traveling: Here’s a Pro Tip – fanny packs don’t count toward your carry-on luggage. Wearing a travel fanny pack can give you easy access to your essentials. Plus, they will be right there with you on the plane.
  • Sporting Events: Many sporting event venues have rules regarding bag size. Using a fanny pack for your essentials is a convenient and easy way to make sure you can stay within size restrictions. If your venue has a clear bag policy, look for a fanny pack that fits those requirements.

With a fanny pack, you can click, zip and go. No matter what your activity is, fanny packs can help you carry your necessities in style.