Softball Catcher Skills: Setup

Present a clear target for your pitcher while being ready to make a throw if a runner tries to steal.

March 31, 2019

The main goal of a catcher is to receive the ball from the pitcher. But there’s more to it than just opening your mitt and waiting for the pitch. A catcher’s setup can be the bedrock of a team’s success.




To get into an athletic catching stance, you need to get into a comfortable receiving position:

  • Make sure your feet are square to the pitcher.
  • Maintain flexion in your ankles, knees and hips.
  • Keep your mitt in a relaxed position.

In this starting position, you can clearly call your pitches, using your mitt to hide the sign from the opposing team.




There are two types of stances for catchers:

  • No runners on base: Be in a comfortable, low position with a relaxed mitt for a good target to the pitcher.
  • Runners on base: Move into a more athletic stance with your hips up higher and ready to receive the pitch and make a good throw, if necessary.

By being in the proper stance, you can be ready to make the big plays from behind the plate.


In addition to your setup, there are a variety of catcher skills you will want to work on. You will want to have blocking skills to help block any wild pitches. You will also want to master your throwing skills to be able to pickoff any advancing runners.


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