Softball Catcher Tips: Throwing Advice

By having a clean transfer and a quick release, you can boost your throwing ability from behind home plate.

March 31, 2019

Catchers not only have to focus on what the pitcher is throwing to them. They need to be aware of what opposing baserunners are doing, too.


Having proper throwing mechanics can help you better control the base paths from behind the plate.




Maintaining the proper throwing mechanics is very important for catchers. Once you start in an athletic stance, you should:

  • Keep your feet square to the pitcher.
  • Maintain flexion in your ankles, knees and hips.
  • Keep your mitt in a relaxed position.

After receiving the pitch:

  • Step forward with your lead foot and align your legs, hips and shoulders.
  • Transfer the position of your throwing hand to your ear while keeping your shoulders up and square toward the targeted base where you are throwing.
  • Finish by getting your hips through toward your target.

Quick footwork, a clean transfer and a swift release are essential components to a strong and accurate throw and can help you to control the running game.


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