Softball Catcher Tips: Throwing Advice

Use these drills to work on your pop time and keep opposing baserunners at bay this softball season.

February 13, 2017

A team’s running game can greatly affect its performance on the softball diamond. As a catcher, it's your responsibility to deliver quick, on-target throws to prevent runners from advancing. Having proper catcher throwing mechanics can help keep your opponent’s running game under control. Understanding how to transition from stance to throw to follow-through can be a huge asset to your defense.

There are a few softball catching drills you can use to get the steps down right. Building muscle memory is important for catchers and can help you in the long run of a season or career. 


Having a quick pop time requires the proper footwork. For the best chance of hitting your target, you must work on getting to a strong throwing position.

Begin your softball catching drills in your secondary catching position. As your coach flips softballs to you, come out low and through the ball, gaining ground toward the pitcher. The goal is to get into a strong launch position with your shoulders, hips and feet square to your target. Perform this drill in repetition to build some sense of muscle memory.

For the second phase of your drill, physically throw the softball to your intended target. Remember to work from a low position to a high one as you travel through the zone. Working from low to high can help you accelerate through your intended target more. A low-to-high path also keeps your leg strength in the equation. Working high to low eliminates this body portion and can take some speed off your throw.

The repetitions you complete in practice can greatly affect your performance during game time. Build your muscle memory and throwing mechanics with these helpful catcher throwing drills.

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