Softball Pitcher Drills: Weighted Softball Drill

Find out how to efficiently and effectively use weighted softballs for pitching with these softball Pro Tips.

October 10, 2019

Training aids can be effective tools to use on the softball diamond. For pitchers, weighted training softballs can help add diversity to practice.

There can be multiple pitching benefits to training with weighted softballs. Fastpitch pitching drills involving weighted softballs can help improve arm strength and velocity. Weighted balls can also be efficient tools for warmups when used appropriately. Former softball pro Jessica Vogel has a few tips to help you get the most out of this effective throwing accessory.


“The weighted ball can be used for a variety of training exercises,” Vogel says.

To help improve finger strength, use your weighted training softball for pitch snaps. The added weight can help increase resistance during training.

Warming up can take less time, too, when using a weighted softball. Vogel says weighted balls can be effective warm-up tools at half your normal throwing distance. They can also be helpful in long toss, if you are using proper pitching mechanics. Find out how to progress from short warmups to long toss with these additional Pro Tips.

“You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping your arm long and loose when throwing with a weighted ball, making sure you aren’t straining your shoulder trying to throw the pitch at full speed,” Vogel says.

BONUS PRO TIP: Be sure to switch between your weighted ball and a normal softball. Doing so can help you adjust back to a normal ball weight for other softball drills or pitching sessions.

Weighted softballs can help improve your warmups and strengthen your arm and fingers in the process. Use these training tips to help beef up your training routine.

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