Wrestling Offense: Headlock

This move can help you earn takedown points, near fall points and even a pin.

April 09, 2019

There are several ways to win a wrestling match: pin, decision and technical fall.


You'll need the right moves in your arsenal to work your way to one of these forms of victory.


The headlock is an offensive technique that can get your opponent off their feet and onto the mat. From there, you can earn points and a chance for a pin.


“The headlock is an upper-body throw where you grab your opponent’s head and arm and toss them over your hip,” former national team assistant coach Erin Vandiver says.




You'll begin this move from the neutral position. Remember to work on your stance to help boost your offensive prowess. You'll then:

  • Attack your opponent’s head and arm.
  • Rotate your body and hips into your opponent, keeping the head tight.
  • Throw your opponent over your hip.

“The headlock is a technical throw that can land your opponent in a danger position, earning you takedown points, possible near fall, and even a pin,” Vandiver says.


The headlock is just one of several offensive moves that can help you earn a victory. The gut wrench is a technique performed by locking up your opponent and executing a side roll. You can use the body lock throw to take your opponent from their feet to their back.


And once they're on their back, you'll want to get your opponent in a pin position. This can end the match or earn you near fall points.