Baseball Pro Tips: Work Ethic with Bryce Harper

All-star outfielder Bryce Harper details what drives his performance on the field in this Pro Tips breakdown.

August 15, 2019

To achieve success on the field, you need to put in the work. A strong work ethic can be a great quality for an athlete. Hard work and dedication can be the perfect boost to get you to the next level. Baseball pro Bryce Harper knows what it takes to reach the highest caliber of competition. Although he would eventually become an all-star on the diamond, Harper still credits his progression to his multi-sport upbringing.

“My parents, they let me kind of pick what I wanted to do – if that was football, baseball, basketball – and once I touched a baseball, it was like my love grew,” Harper says. “My love grew for the game, the competition, trying to get better and that’s what I wanted to do. It was something that I enjoyed doing.”

Enjoying the game, according to Harper, is a key component to developing your work ethic in sports. You can push yourself to great lengths to achieve success, but what is it worth if you aren’t having fun?


Another key factor in a good work ethic is developing a routine that can help improve your performance. You are your best coach. If you find certain drills and exercises work best for you, then add them to your schedule. Remember to give it your all and perform those drills at 100 percent.

Harper also notes that you shouldn’t be afraid to be unique in your work ethic. What works for other athletes might not work for you. There’s no shame in foregoing other training methods if you have a solid foundation that’s shown results. “For me, it’s sticking to that routine as much as possible and understanding what works for myself compared to what works for anybody else,” he says.


A final pillar Harper credits to his strong work ethic is loving what he does. The admiration for the game can be a big contributing factor to how much you put into your development. Loving the sport can make it much easier to go that extra mile, give that extra rep and push a little more.

“If you don’t enjoy doing it, then don’t do it. Figure out what you want to do and give your whole heart to it,” Harper says.

A strong work ethic can be the perfect accessory to your player profile. Take inspiration from Bryce Harper and develop your own motivating sports journey with these Pro Tips.

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