Ways to Customize Your Wood Bat

Personalized baseball bats can add serious style to your swing. Give your lumber a custom touch with these Pro Tips.

December 12, 2019

A fine-tuned swing begins with a fine-tuned stick. Custom wood bats can be the perfect equipment piece to help you get the most of each plate appearance. Catered and crafted to your specific needs, a custom bat can also be a great way to express your personality on the field. But what goes into a personalized baseball bat? Use these baseball Pro Tips and give your next trip to the batter’s box a truly unique feel.





One of the first steps in building your custom wood bat is to select your preferred turn model and length. Turn models are the specific bat measurements for barrel thickness, handle thickness and taper style. Knob styles can also vary by turn model, with options such as standard, tapered, bell and cone styles. With these numbers, your bat can be cut and lathed to your needs.


You can choose lengths in inch or half-inch increments for your personalized baseball bat. This can help you find the perfect length for your swing, as most standard bats only feature full-inch measurements.


When it comes to choosing the right length and turn model, take your swing into consideration. Are you a power hitter or more of a line drive hitter? Do you like a balanced or end-loaded feel? This is your opportunity to get exactly what you want, so be honest with yourself.


Marucci Sports’ Director of Wood Bat Operations Cameron Martin says, “Pick the one that’s for you. It’s going to be in your hands, so make sure the knob feels good and the balance is what you like.”


BONUS PRO TIP: Looking for more info on which turn model is right for you? Find everything you need to know about baseball bat turn models with these baseball Pro Tips.


Following length and model, your next bat dimension to choose is your bat weight. Martin notes you want to ensure you pick the weight that suits your swing. “Whether you have a heavy swing or a light swing, you want to pick something that’s good for you, that suits you best,” he says.





You’ve built your lumber with the exact dimensions you want. Now, it’s time to style. Giving your custom wood bat a unique colorway can help you stand out on the diamond.


Bat manufacturers can offer a rainbow’s worth of color options, giving you plenty of ways to showcase your style. “You can customize the handle color and the barrel color different from each other, or you can make a bat one solid color if you choose so,” Martin says.


You can also choose burned styles for your custom bat. Burned finishes can help bring out the grain structure of the wood itself. Grain structures can be unique to each bat, providing another layer to your one-of-a-kind stick.





In addition to personalized baseball bat colors, you can also customize the bat engraving and sticker styling. Give your bat a personalized message like your name or mantra. This custom engraving can live on the bat barrel and allow you to quickly get your message across.


Some manufacturers can also go one step further and provide custom color inlays and sticker options.


Another bat component ready for personalization is your bat knob. Manufacturers can stamp this area to your liking, making it easier to identify your lumber before an at-bat. “You can put your team number on there, you can put your initials, anything you like. It’s up to you,” Martin says.





Aside from your wood bat’s makeup, you can add a few accessories to finish off your custom stick. Bat tape can be a colorful way to help improve your bat performance and appearance. This popular bat accessory can boost your control and comfort with each swing all while adding flair to your profile. If you need help with installation, be sure to check out these Pro Tips on taping a bat.


Custom wood bats can be the perfect way to tailor your gear to your swing. From personalized measurements to unique colorways, the only limits are your imagination. Use these Pro Tips and start building your bat of choice today.