Basketball Drills: Power Forward Drill

Practicing this drill can help you become a more versatile player while also improving your conditioning.

June 11, 2019

It’s no secret that power forwards need to excel in the post to find success.

But you shouldn’t be a one-trick pony. Also being able to play on the perimeter can help you become a bigger asset to your team. Adding the Power Forward Drill to your practice routine can help you work on your skills both outside and down low.

“As a power forward, you have to be able to play in the post,” Hall of Fame high school basketball coach Tim McConnell says. “But, also, if you are versatile and can play on the perimeter, you will be a much better basketball player and more effective for your team.”


To perform this drill, you’ll need two basketballs and a chair. Set up the chair with a ball at the end of the free-throw line on the side you start on.

You can start the Power Forward Drill on either side of the hoop. To perform the drill:

  • While holding the ball with both hands, jump using both feet and tap the ball off the backboard three times.
  • On the fourth jump, power to the rim and finish with a layup.
  • Turn, run up the lane and grab the second ball off the chair.
  • Explode with one dribble and finish with a layup.

“You may not be able to touch the board,” McConnell says. “But the key is to jump as high as you can. And on that fourth one, [you want] to explode and finish for your layup.”

Remember: You’ll want to work on this drill with some speed. This is a drill that can also boost your conditioning.

Looking to become even more versatile? Try these post moves in practice. They can help you find the basket when playing on the low block.