Basketball Driveway Drills: Setting Up the Court

Give your driveway an authentic feel with this breakdown of how to set up your at-home basketball court.

January 14, 2020

A hoop in the driveway is a must-have for many basketball players. It’s a convenient way to be able to shoot some baskets when the court calls.

But before you play a friendly game with family members or get ready to work on your skills, you may want to draw the lines of the court. By marking the free-throw line and three-point arc, your at-home court can feel a little more authentic.

Before you get started, make sure you have a tape measure and chalk handy.


When setting up your court, the first step is to measure for the free-throw line. Take a piece of chalk and draw an “X” directly under the rim and not the pole. You will then measure out 15 feet for the distance of the free-throw line. Draw a quick “X” as a reference point.

From there, you will measure out five more feet for a total of 20 feet. This will be your three-point line. Have a partner hold the measuring tape as you draw the three-point arc with the chalk. Make sure there is no slack in the tape as you draw the arc.

Return to the “X” you marked for the free-throw line and draw a 6- to 9-foot straight horizontal line.

When measuring your lines, use as much space as possible. Don’t worry about running into a garage, hillside or grass.

Once you finish setting up your basketball court, you’ll be ready to drain three-pointers, hit clutch free throws and drive to the rim for the game-winning score.

Just getting started on setting up your driveway court? You’ll need the right basketball hoop. Check out this guide to find the right hoop for your space. Also, make sure to have the right ball. This guide can help you find a basketball for every member of your squad.