Gift Wrap Hacks: Two Ways to Wrap a Bike Helmet

Shift your gift-wrapping game into a whole different gear with this easy-to-use guide for wrapping a bike helmet.

December 10, 2018
Two images side by side showing how to wrap a bike helmet.

You’ve been looking at gifts for cyclists and then you finally find that perfect present — an amazing bike helmet. But now you’re stumped as to how to neatly gift wrap it.

Unfortunately, not all gifts come in conveniently packaged boxes that can be neatly covered with gift wrapping paper and tape. A bike helmet is a perfect example. Thankfully, these two options for gift wrapping a bike helmet are “wheel-y” easy to master so you can present your present to the cyclist in your life.



If you’re out of gift boxes and bags, these custom gift bags made with craft paper are exactly what you need for a bike helmet.

  • Craft paper
  • Permanent marker
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hole puncher
Gift wrapping supplies
  1. Cut a large square of craft paper that is roughly three times the length of the bike helmet.
  2. Add a personal touch by drawing a design, such as a bike path doodle, in the middle of your paper to create a custom-wrapped touch. (This step is optional; you can instead opt for sturdy craft paper that already has a design on it.)
  3. Flip the paper so that the blank side is face up. Use the width of the bike helmet to measure how much to fold the sides of the paper. Fold the sides together, overlapping if necessary, and tape the entire length. This should make a rectangle.
  1. Using the helmet, measure how big the base should be and fold the craft paper to that point.
  2. Open that fold by keeping one finger down against the center of the bag and the other past the bottom of the bag. This separation will create a diamond after you flatten the creases.
  3. Fold the top and bottom of the diamond toward each other, making a six-sided shape.
  4. Secure those folds down with tape and the base of your personalized gift bag is now complete.
  1. Slide the bike helmet into the custom gift bag.
  2. Close the gift bag by folding the excess paper at the top of the bag.
  3. For a more decorative effect, punch two holes at the top of the bag using the hole puncher.
  4. Stitch the ribbon through the two holes and tie a bow to fasten the fold down.
  5. Cut the extra material from the ribbon to finish the bow and complete your bike helmet gift bag.




If you have other unique gifts for cyclists that you want to include with a bike helmet, using the helmet as a gift basket is a perfect alternative.

  • Tissue paper
  • Bike helmet
  • Small bike-related gifts
  • Crinkle cut packaging paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
Gift wrapping supplies
  1. Line the inside of the bike helmet with tissue paper. Make sure the straps of the bike helmet are not covered and are resting outside.
  2. Add crinkle cut packaging paper as filler. Make sure to leave a small amount for later.
  3. Arrange the other presents, like bike accessories, for cyclists (such as cycling gloves, a bike light and cycling socks) inside of the helmet. Fill the helmet with the remaining crinkle cut paper.
  4. Snap the straps of the helmet together over top of the gifts and filling.
  5. String ribbon through the chin strap and tie into a bow.
  6. Finish by cutting the excess ribbon off of the bow.


Whether you’re giving a bike helmet as a gift for a child’s birthday, the holidays or just because, you can use these quick and easy guides to make sure the bike helmet is perfectly wrapped. Check out other ways to wrap other uniquely shaped gifts, such as a yoga matbaseball or softball glove or a basketball.