Gym Bag Essentials for Men

Get your gym bag in shape with these Pro Tips on what to pack for your next workout.

September 20, 2019
Man sitting in a gym with a water bottle and gym bag

The gym can be a great place to work on improving your health, confidence and well-being. Like any job worth doing, though, there are tools to the trade. To help your workout run as smooth as a warm-up set, a properly packed gym bag is essential.


From fitness gear to personal hygiene, your bag should help you come prepared for everything a workout throws at you. Keep these Pro Tips in tote as you identify the right gym bag essentials for your fitness goals.




It makes sense to carry your workout clothes in your gym bag, but some garments just won’t do. Be sure to pack a pair of well-fitting, breathable shorts to wear during your workout. Pair those with a moisture-wicking top to keep you comfortable as you chase a new personal record. You should also carry a fresh pair of athletic socks, especially when coming straight from the office or worksite. It can also be helpful to pack a change of undergarments.


Another great item to store in your gym bag is a separate laundry bag for used or dirty workout apparel. Use this extra bag like your home hamper to keep your sweaty apparel separate from other belongings.


Lastly, make sure your footwear matches your intended fitness routine. Running shoes, cross trainers and lifting-specific shoes can help you get more out of your activity.


BONUS PRO TIP: Enjoy running but don’t want to wear your trail shoes in the gym? Use these cardio Pro Tips to choose the best running shoes for treadmill running.




Your gym bag should not only help you carry your gym gear but your hygienic items as well. No one wants to take their sweat and grime with them after exercising. That’s why a well-stocked toiletry or shower bag is a must-have for gym-goers. Some key items include:

  • Spray deodorant
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Comb
  • Razor
  • Hair products
  • Deodorizing wipes

Of course, you can customize your toiletry bag to fit your needs.


In addition, you should also carry a light pair of shower shoes if you plan on showering at your gym. Also, while your establishment might provide towels, be sure to carry a personal one just in case.


A final helpful item to bring to the gym is a roll of athletic tape and/or bandages. These small, inconspicuous gym bag essentials can help out if you develop a blister or scratch.




Items and accessories to help you achieve your fitness goals can be great to have in your gym bag. A foundational gym bag essential is the all-important water bottle. Keeping one of these handy can ensure you stay hydrated through the most intense workouts. If you plan on supplementing with pre-workout or other nutritional powders, consider using a shaker bottle to help blend mixtures.


Another great fitness accessory to have in your bag is a logbook. A logbook can be useful in tracking your goals and progress from workout to workout.


You should also carry any necessary workout-specific gear in your gym bag. Wraps, straps, belts and other items should be mainstays in your tote or duffle. If you practice yoga or enjoy foam rolling pre- or post-workout, be sure to include accessories for these activities, too. Find out what to look for in a foam roller and how to properly use this workout accessory with these bonus Pro Tips.




To keep pushing toward your physical goals, it can be helpful to use some digital tools along the way. For example, a quality pair of earbuds or headphones can be essential to keeping your workout in rhythm.


Fitness trackers and heart rate monitors can also be useful tools to keep in your gym bag. These tech-driven devices can pair nicely with your logbook as you track and document your progression. Want more information on these digital workout partners? Check out this complete guide to the best fitness trackers and watches.


Lastly, while you might feel drained after intense exercise, that’s no excuse to let your phone battery run low. Keeping a portable charger in your gym bag can help ensure you’ve always got enough juice left to get through that last rep.




Gym bag essentials don’t have to be without flavor. Supplement your workouts by keeping energy bars or protein powders with you. These can be a quick and easy substitute for a post-workout meal and help you maintain a healthy diet.


A well-packed gym bag can help you reach newfound fitness milestones. Come equipped with the right gear in one go-to carryall with these fitness Pro Tips.