How to Do the Palloff Press

Strengthen and stabilize your core by incorporating this anti-rotation exercise into your next workout.

August 08, 2019

Your core has a lot of jobs.

When you wake up and get out of bed, you’re using your core to help bring your body upright. When you bend over to tie your shoes, you’re using your core. During exercise, the core is constantly being used, and it’s usually tightened.

However, the core’s main function is to resist movement of the spine, according to professional baseball strength and conditioning coach Jorge Canepa. The Palloff press is a great exercise to help keep the core tight and resist spinal movement.

“Bracing the trunk is an integral part in producing and absorbing forces, which is crucial for all sports,” Canepa says.

To perform a Palloff press, first you need some equipment. Have a resistance band at your disposal. Be sure to tie it to a secure pole or rack. The object you tie your resistance band to should be weighted to the ground, so it doesn’t move.

Now, with your equipment set up, you’re ready to do a Palloff press.


Start your Palloff press by standing parallel to where you’ve secured your resistance band. To determine how far away to stand, simply grab the end of the band and let it hang a little bit.

Once you’re set:

  • Assume the universal athletic position with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Instead of putting your arms to your side, you’ll be holding the resistance band.
  • Grip the band with both hands and bring the band toward the center of your chest. This will create tension, according to Canepa.
  • With the band in front of you, push your chest out and bring your shoulders back.
  • Fully extend your arms out in front of you, keeping the band in line with your chest. “Pause while trying to prevent rotation,” Canepa says.
  • Bring your hands — and the band — back to your chest in a slow, controlled movement.
  • Repeat.

Be sure to switch sides and perform an equal number of repetitions. For example, if your right arm is closest to where the band is initially tied, swap sides and position your left arm closest to the band for your next set.

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