How to Do a Lateral Bound

Leap your way into a strength training workout by learning how to complete a lateral bound.

October 29, 2019

Looking for a workout you can do at home with no equipment? Then learning how to do a lateral bound is perfect for you.

You don’t need weights or a gym mat for this exercise. Instead, all you need is a little bit of balance. The lateral bound helps train power production. Corrective exercise and performance enhancement specialist Drew Walsh explains that the lateral bound helps decelerate the body and absorb forces.

“It is crucial that the athlete can maintain control of the hips, knees and ankles during explosive movements,” Walsh says. “Lateral bounds help athletes to enhance lateral power and quickness, which is a major skill for overall athletic performance.”

You can do this exercise at home, in the park or at the gym. All you need is a flat surface, like a football field or basketball court.


Begin this exercise by bending your right knee. Raise your right foot off the ground and keep your toes pointed downward. Meanwhile, your left leg will be planted on the floor with your foot flat.

Once you’re in this position:

  • Tilt your chest forward and bring your right arm in front of your chest to help with your balance. Your left arm should be bent by your side.
  • Allow your lead leg and arm to perform a counter movement inward as you shift your weight to your outside hip.
  • Jump to your right side, covering as much ground as possible. “[Use] your arms and hips to accelerate and generate maximal force production,” Walsh says.
  • Land softly on the opposite leg, holding the position for two seconds. Your right leg should now be planted on the ground with your left leg up in the air.
  • Your left arm should be positioned in front of you to help with balance, and your right arm should be out to the side. Point your toes toward the ground.
  • Repeat by jumping back to the opposite side.

Walsh reminds athletes to shift their weight to the outside hip when jumping from one side to the other.

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