Football Drills: The 4-Cone Box Drill

Learn how to change direction and build versatility from the practice field to the gridiron.

July 11, 2017

The 4-cone box drill combines running, shuffling and backpedaling to help maximize your movement.

To start this drill, place four cones about five yards apart from each other to form the shape of a box.

Start at any cone and run toward an adjacent cone, following the shape of the box. When you reach the second cone, plant your outside foot and side shuffle to the third cone. Upon reaching the third cone, again plant your outside foot and backpedal toward the fourth cone. Finally, with an athletic turn or pivot, sprint past the original starting cone to complete the drill.

Your focus should be on staying low and balanced through each movement. Work on quick, smooth transitions as you change directions and as you transition from running to shuffling, to backpedaling and back to running.

Complete the drill in both directions around the box. Time yourself or have a coach time you when completing this drill. Strive to bring your time down as you improve your athleticism.

The 4-cone box drill can help you to master all the moves made on the football field.