How to Install a Football Helmet Visor

Change the way you see the game by adding a football visor to your helmet setup with these Pro Tips.

June 17, 2020

Vision is an important part of football. Athletes need a clear view as they scan for open receivers, running lanes, blocking assignments or the ball carrier. To keep your eyesight protected, you can install a football helmet visor. This helmet accessory can help shield your eyes from opposing players as well as the elements.


Plus, football visors – or eye shields – can be a great way for athletes to show off some personal style. Various tints, colors and designs can be the perfect way to add a statement to your on-field performance.


Installing a football visor is simple, but you want to ensure your equipment is ready for the gridiron. Follow along as Xenith’s Marketing Operations Manager Matt Rea brings the step-by-step process into view with these Pro Tips.



While eye-catching, tinted or colored helmet visors are not legal in some football leagues. Be sure to check with a coach or league official before installing a helmet visor of this style.



To install a football helmet visor, all you’ll need are three items:

  • Your Football Helmet
  • Your Football Visor
  • A Phillips-Head Screwdriver

Make sure the visor you choose to install fits your helmet and facemask style.


According to Rea, you’ll first want to remove the football helmet visor from its packaging. You can then remove the film on the eye shield from both sides.


Next, you should locate the two clips at the bottom of the football visor. Remove these clips, “So you can slide [the visor] properly underneath the facemask,” Rea says.


When sliding the visor into place, Rea notes you may need to loosen the top two screws of your facemask. Use your Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen these screws and set your visor in place.


Moving on, you can now attach the visor clips to hold the eye shield in position. The clips should screw onto the facemask, so your visor doesn’t move as you dart around the field. If you loosened the top two screws, be sure to retighten them before trying on your helmet.


Finally, make sure your visor sits comfortably underneath your facemask and doesn’t negatively impact your vision. Football helmet visors can be impractical if they hinder what you’re trying to protect.


A football helmet visor can be a great accessory to add to your protective gear. Shield your eyes from defenders and inclement weather – and look good doing it – with these football Pro Tips. Another key component to any proper football helmet is comfort. Find out how to buy the right chin strap and add some cushion to your armor this season.