Offensive Line Tips: The 2-Point Stance Form

Make sure you’re balanced, comfortable and ready to block defenders by setting yourself up in a proper two-point stance.

September 25, 2017

When moving down the field, the success of a drive all starts with controlling defensive line pressure on the quarterback. In order to do that, offensive linemen will set up in different stances depending on the play call. The two most commonly used stances are the two-point stance and three-point stance. The two-point stance is used more in pass protection, but may also be used in run blocking as well.

To get in a good two-point stance, start with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing toward the line of scrimmage. Keep your weight centered, knees bent, chest big, back flat and head up. Your hands should be above your knees so they’re ready for movement.

On the right side of the offensive line, you may want to place your right foot staggered back a bit, so you can move outside that much quicker. And if the lineman is on the left side of the offensive line, you may want your left foot back a little bit. A good way to check your stance is to have a coach or teammate tap you to make sure you are balanced.

For offensive linemen, it all starts with the stance. Being in a good two-point stance is crucial to creating a clean pocket for the quarterback, so your team can move the ball down the field successfully.