4 Football Workouts For Your Offseason

Get gridiron-ready: These offseason football workouts hone in on agility, speed and strength to better prepare you for next season.

February 24, 2016
Man sprinting on a football field.

You know the line: Championships are won in the offseason. And it’s true. Staying in shape in the offseason has a huge impact come game day. Get started today with these do-it-yourself football workouts.


The Sprint & Rest

This drill promotes speed and agility.

  1. Sprint 10 yards. Rest 5 seconds
  2. Sprint 20 yards. Rest 10 seconds
  3. Sprint 30 yards. Rest 15 seconds
  4. Sprint 40 yards. Rest 20 seconds
  5. Sprint 50 yards. Rest 25 seconds
  6. Sprint 40 yards. Rest 20 seconds
  7. Sprint 30 yards. Rest 15 seconds
  8. Sprint 20 yards. Rest 10 seconds
  9. Sprint 10 yards. Rest 5 seconds

The Cone Sprint

Set up two cones or field markers in an open area, roughly 40 yards apart. Begin the drill standing by one of the cones.

  1. Perform 10 jump squats
  2. Then sprint to the opposite cone
  3. When you’ve reached the cone, perform 10 sit-ups
  4. Then get up, sprint back to the opposite cone, and perform 10 burpees
  5. Finally, sprint to the opposite cone and perform 10 mountain climbers

Repeat several times, taking time to rest between each set. You can substitute out the moves you perform when you reach the cone: Think jumping jacks, push-ups or planks.


The 8-Minute Football Cardio Blast

Get a full-body workout on your own time with this set of movements.

  1. 1 minute: high knees
  2. 1 minute: squats
  3. 1 minute: burpees
  4. 1 minute: pushups
  5. 1 minute: mountain climbers
  6. 1 minute: chair dips
  7. 30 seconds: plank
  8. 30 seconds: lunges
  9. 30 seconds: crunches
  10. 30 seconds: side crunches

The Anytime Football Cardio Workout

This simple cardio training drill can be done anytime, anywhere.

  1. 50 jumping jacks
  2. 25 lunges
  3. 25 squats
  4. 50 high knees
  5. 25 butt-kickers
  6. 20 side-lunges
  7. 10 leg-lifts for each leg
  8. 100 crunches

Remember, always do what’s comfortable. Not ready for a particular move? Start slow and work your way up to your goal. Begin your offseason regimen with the full collection of football training gear.