Running Back Tips: The 2-Point Stance Form

Learning the right form is the first step to making a play on the gridiron.

July 27, 2017

As a running back, there are two stances that you can get into: the 2-point stance and the 3-point stance.

Let’s break down how to get into the 2-point stance.

Start in an athletic position with your toes pointed toward the line of scrimmage. Your feet should be a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Your knees should be flexed slightly and underneath your hips. Keep a flat back with your chest up and eyes looking forward to scan the defense.

As you prepare for the snap, roll onto the balls of your feet to get loaded and ready to go. When you hear the snap, explode out of your stance to make a play.

Here are the steps again, broken down:

  1. We are looking for a strong, athletic position
  2. Toes pointed toward the line of scrimmage
  3. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  4. Knees flexed and lined up underneath the hips
  5. Flat back
  6. Chest up
  7. Eyes looking forward, scanning the defense
  8. Roll onto the balls of your feet, getting loaded
  9. Explode off the line

Now that you’ve learned the 2-point stance, let’s move on to learning the 3-point stance.