Tight End Tips: Blocking Techniques

Learn how to execute the two most common blocks as a tight end.

October 12, 2017

As a tight end, you need to be able to perform all of the blocks used in an offensive scheme.  Two of the most common are the J block and the Run and Reach.




With the J block, your objective is to drive the defensive end outside so the ball carrier can go inside. To do this, take a big inside step with your inside foot. Then bring up your backside foot and extend your arms into the defensive end, driving him outward. The block creates the shape of a J based on the tight end’s movement. This will help create a lane for the ball carrier to make a big play.




This is another common block that you will use as a tight end. Here, you are trying to seal the defensive end inside so the running back can get outside. Drop step, cross over, run to get outside and then seal the defensive end inside. Sealing the defensive end inside opens a big hole on the outside for the running back.


Tight end blocks are essential to the success of a team. Master these two blocks and you can help the offense move the ball down the field.