Wide Receiver Tips: Mastering Your Stance

Learn the proper stance so you’ll be ready to run a great route.

October 12, 2017

As a wide receiver, your stance is crucial to how you come off of the ball. In a proper stance, you should have your feet shoulder-width apart and stand in a relaxed athletic position. Look to the nearest sideline and stagger the foot closest to that sideline back. Your feet should be about 18" to 24" apart.


Your front foot should be pointing straight ahead, flat on the ground. The heel of your back foot should hover about an inch off the ground. With your hands in a relaxed position, sink your hips and bend your knees. Shift your weight slightly over your front knee and keep your eyes and your head looking inside toward the football. A receiver's first movement is when the football is snapped.


If your back heel is too high, it will come down to gain balance and you will end up pushing off with your back leg instead of using your front foot to drive up field, ultimately losing a step up field.


Making sure you’re in the proper stance and being consistent can help set you up to run better routes.