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June 16, 2020

Is it time to upgrade your driver? Maybe you want more distance off the tee or need a little help correcting a slice. Perhaps you’re a low-handicapper looking for more control over ball flight, or a high-handicapper in search of more forgiveness on mis-hits. Whatever your game needs, your search starts here with our list of the best golf drivers:

  • Callaway Epic Drivers
  • TaylorMade SIM2 Drivers
  • PING G425 Drivers
  • Titleist TSi Drivers

Learn more about these top-rated clubs and get the best fit for your game.



Callaway Epic Drivers




If you’ve been paying attention to Callaway driver releases over the past several years, you’re likely familiar with Jailbreak Technology and the revolutionary Flash Face designed with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Those elements remain present in the new line of Callaway Epic drivers but with exciting advancements.


For the first time, Callaway utilized A.I. in the development of both the Flash Face and Jailbreak, allowing both elements to function in unison to enhance performance. It all centers around the new A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame. Like previous Jailbreak iterations, the Speed Frame is positioned behind the clubface to provide vertical stiffness between the crown and sole, but it now also offers major gains in horizontal stiffness. The result is incredible speed across the entire face.


The Flash Face is now specially designed to optimize the Speed Frame, which further enhances speed. The high-strength titanium promotes optimal forgiveness and spin.


There are three variations of the Epic driver, each designed to fit specific swing tendencies:

  • The Epic Speed driver is the only driver in the line featuring Callaway Cyclone Aero head shaping to reduce drag and promote speed throughout the swing. The center of gravity (CG) is also more forward than in other models, which helps provide mid-range spin with a moderate draw bias.
  • The Epic Max driver offers the most forgiveness of the three models as well as exceptional control over shot shaping. The 17-gram sliding rear weight and adjustable OptiFit hosel are made to provide up to 20 yards of shot-shape correction. If you struggle with slicing or hooking, the Epic Max could be the remedy.
  • The Epic Max LS driver is a lower-spinning version of the Max that’s ideal for skilled players who want control over their ball flight but also a bit of forgiveness. The Max LS features 13 grams of adjustable perimeter weighting to provide up to 13 yards of shot-shape correction (compared to 20 yards in the Max).

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TaylorMade SIM2 Drivers




SIM2 features exciting new technology along with popular elements from its predecessor to give players the optimum mix of speed and forgiveness. The key advancement for this year is the Forged Ring Technology — this is the blue material that may have caught your attention when you first set eyes on this new driver. This precision-milled aluminum piece provides an incredibly strong bond between the crown, sole, rear and face to generate faster speeds and higher MOI (moment of inertia).  


While the Forged Ring is a visually striking new addition, there is another key advancement that is hidden from view. The back side of the driver face is now precision milled, which allowed TaylorMade to expand the “sweet spot” and increase speed across the entire face.


Returning is the stand-out feature of the original driver — the eye-catching “Inertia Generator” at the rear that helps SIM drivers achieve incredible aerodynamic performance. Combined with the lightweight carbon sole plate, the Inertia Generator promotes maximum clubhead speed through impact to help players launch the ball high and long.


The SIM2 is available in three models. All three share the features described above, but each offers slight design variations to help players find the best fit for their swing.

  • The standard SIM2 driver is a great choice for experienced players with high swing speeds. The weight is more balanced from front to back to promote low-launching, low-spinning performance.
  • The SIM2 Max driver is the most forgiving driver in the line. It has 24 grams of tungsten weight in the rear (vs. 16 grams in the standard SIM2) to generate higher launch and moderate spin.
  • The SIM2 Max Draw driver is designed to help players who struggle with slicing. To achieve this, TaylorMade moved the Inertia Generator toward the heel of the club, thereby placing the CG low and back to create draw-biased ball flight.


PING G425 Drivers




When designing the G425 family of drivers, PING engineers had one overarching goal: Help players hit longer, more accurate shots even when their contact is subpar. This philosophy is evident in each of the three G425 models:

  • The G425 MAX offers the highest MOI of any PING driver ever created. That means it’s now the most forgiving driver in PING’s storied history. The key element is the adjustable, 26-gram tungsten weight positioned at the rear of the club. The weight can be set for neutral, draw or fade preferences, with an average MOI increase of 14% across all weight positions compared to 2019’s G410 Plus.
  • The G425 SFT, which stands for “Straight Flight Technology,” is PING’s prescription for a slice. The fixed, 23-gram tungsten back weight provides up to 10 additional yards of draw-biased ball flight compared to 2019’s G410 SFT. If you could use help finding more fairways, the G425 SFT may be the best answer out there.
  • The PING G425 LST is the lowest-spinning driver in the line. According to PING, the LST reduces spin by approximately 500–700 rpm (revolutions per minute) compared to the G425 MAX. To provide this low-spinning performance, the LST features a slightly smaller, 445cc head in a pear-shaped design, along with a 17-gram “CG shifter” with neutral, draw and fade settings.

So that’s what makes the three G425 drivers unique, but they also share several key characteristics, including:

  • TS9+ Forged Face: This precision-machined clubface allows for maximum flexing at impact to promote more ball speed and longer drives.
  • Turbulators: One of the first things you may notice on the G425 are the ridges near the front of the crown. Those are the Turbulators, and they reduce aerodynamic drag to help you swing faster and generate more ball speed.
  • Internal Ribbing: Within the titanium body, a rib structure reinforces key areas of the driver head to help provide optimum sound and feel.

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Titleist TSi




Titleist took a bold-faced approach when creating its new line of TSi drivers — the latest evolution of the “Titleist Speed” project.


TSi drivers are the only metalwoods on the market featuring faces made with ATI 425 aerospace titanium. ATI titanium was originally used to create ballistic armor and has recently been applied in air and space engineering, including in the design of NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander.


Back on earth, Titleist used ATI 425 to create the fastest driver face in the company’s history. The material’s superior strength, elasticity and durability generate incredible ball speed that stays within the limits of USGA regulations.


Titleist also refined the shaping of TSi drivers to help provide improved aerodynamic performance. According to Titleist, the improved shaping reduces drag by 15% compared to prior-gen TS drivers, which means more speed and ultimately longer distance. As for forgiveness, Titleist has improved stability in all directions, from heel-to-toe and crown-to-sole. The result is more consistent ball flight.


Players can choose from four versions of the Titleist TSi driver:

  • TSi1 is a great option for players with moderate swing speeds around 90 mph or less. The lightweight design and face-centered CG promote optimal launch and fast ball speed.
  • TSi2 offers players the most forgiveness. The low, deep CG will help players produce high launch and low spin even when contact is off-center.
  • TSi3 is designed for skilled players who make precise contact with the driver face. The Tour-inspired head design features a weight track with five CG settings, giving better players superior control over ball flight.
  • TSi4 features a smaller, 430cc head designed for ultra-low spin. If you struggle to gain distance because your spin rates are consistently too high, this model may be your answer.

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For starters, you’re probably wondering what exactly “RADSPEED” means, right? Aside from a fun nod to '80s lingo, RADSPEED refers to “radial weighting,” or the strategic placement of weight in relation to the center of gravity to optimize speed, forgiveness and accuracy.

There are three RADSPEED driver models, and each utilizes the RADSPEED philosophy in different ways to offer optimum settings for different types of swings.

  • The Standard RADSPEED features “extreme front weighting.” Specifically, there are 28 grams of weight positioned at the front of the club (16 grams fixed and 12 grams adjustable) to promote low spin and fast speed. In the back, 10 grams of weight (8 grams fixed and 2 grams adjustable) provide incredible stability and forgiveness. If you want higher launch and extra forgiveness, you can swap the two adjustable weights.
  • RADSPEED XB, which stands for “extreme back” weighting, is the most forgiving RADSPEED driver. The 20 grams of weight positioned at the rear of the club promote low spin, long distance and maximum forgiveness.
  • The RADSPEED XD is Cobra’s newest draw-biased driver. This model has 10 grams of weight in the heel to help players properly rotate the clubface through impact and create right-to-left ball flight (or the reverse for lefties). RADSPEED XD also has a 14-gram weight in the back for forgiveness plus an 8-gram weight in the front to generate speed.

All RADSPEED drivers come with COBRA CONNECT grips, plus a free 90-day subscription to the Arccos Caddie app. With COBRA CONNECT, an Arccos sensor is built seamlessly into the grip. Once paired with the Arccos Caddie app, the grip will track key performance metrics from each swing you take.

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