The Best Golf Training Aids

Sharpen your skills and stay on target all season long with the best swing trainers, putting mats and more.

April 06, 2020
Golfer putting on gloves

It doesn’t take much for bad habits to creep into your swing, especially when you can’t get to the course on a regular basis. Keep your skills sharp with these top-rated training aids.


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Best Golf Swing Trainers




Orange Whip Swing Trainer




The top-rated Orange Whip can help you keep your swing in sync at home. The incredibly flexible shaft, weighted orange ball and strategically placed counterweight work in unison to promote proper swing tempo and balance. If your rhythm is off when you swing the Orange Whip, it will wobble to let you know an adjustment is needed. In addition to correcting swing flaws, the Orange Whip can also help to improve flexibility and strengthen the core muscles engaged during your golf swing.

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SuperSpeed Golf Training System

If you’re looking to increase your swing speed and get more distance, consider this unique training system from SuperSpeed Golf. The system comes with three weighted clubs that are each slightly heavier than a standard driver. By following the free program on the SuperSpeed website, you will train with these clubs to gradually increase your swing speed over time. According to SuperSpeed, you can increase your swing speed by as much as 5% during the first six weeks of training. And don’t worry about getting bored — the SuperSpeed website has nearly two-years’ worth of training content available.

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SWINGYDE Golf Swing Trainer



Do you struggle to keep the clubface square during your backswing? Or are you guilty of committing the power-killing “chicken wing” on your follow-through? The SWINGYDE is designed to help correct these two common swing flaws. How does it work? One end of the SWINGYDE easily attaches to your club grip while the other end is designed with a notch to grasp your lead forearm. On the backswing, your lead forearm should fit naturally into the notch — this indicates that you are keeping the clubface square. Likewise, the Swingyde can help train you to keep your arms extended on the follow-through to promote stronger, more consistent contact.


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Best Putting Aids




PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer




This innovative little device is one of the most popular putting aids on the market. It’s simple and intuitive to use. If your putt goes up the ramp and comes back to you, it was a good putt. If the ball goes off the ramp and you have to retrieve it, it was a poor putt. It is also easy to store and transport. You can set it up anywhere you have space, and its foldable design is perfect for travel. Finally, there is the downright addictive Micro Target that utilizes three smaller dots as targets and will challenge you to make the perfect putt.

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Perfect Practice Putting Mat

You can practice sinking putts at home at any time with the Perfect Practice Putting Mat. This putting mat features two different-sized holes to train your short game for any situation. And, since the second cup has a smaller opening than a standard golf hole, you’ll feel more confident the next time you’re on the green. For added convenience, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat has an automatic ball return and drop in the back stop so you can get more putts in during each practice period.

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ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting System

This putting mat is about as close as you can get to a real green. It offers four Stimpmeter-tested green speeds ranging from 7.5 to 13. You can easily adjust the speed by brushing the mat with the included roller to flatten or raise the fibers to add or lessen resistance. You’ll also get wedges that slide under the mat to create breaks, along with a booklet featuring training exercises and games. Each putt you take leaves a trace on the mat so you can track exactly how the ball rolled. After your session, simply remove these marks with the included roller.

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Maxfli 9' x 12" Automatic Putting Mat



If you consistently struggle to make putts inside of 10 feet, this customer favorite can help. The Maxfli 9′ x 12″ putting mat features distance markings to provide feedback on exactly where your short game needs work. This mat is also family friendly–kids will enjoy the challenge of trying to sink putts–and the ball-return system adds a little extra fun for youngsters (and convenience for you).


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Best Golf Mats




Maxfli Dual Height Golf Hitting Mat




With the Maxfli Dual Height Golf Hitting Mat, you can practice a variety of shots at home. This 12″ x 24” mat is split into two equal sides. One side features short turf to simulate shots from the fairway, while longer turf on the opposite side lets you practice hitting from the rough. Like mats at the range, this product has a hole where you can insert a rubber tee to practice hitting your driver and woods – 2 ¾” and 3 ¼” tees are included, as well as a tee plug if you prefer to practice with your own.

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SKLZ Pure Practice Mat



In order to become a complete golfer, you have to work on every aspect of your game. This multi-functional training mat was created to help you do just that. The SKLZ Pure Practice Mat offers three different surfaces to hit off of–tee turf, fairway cut and first cut rough. This gives you the ability to simulate almost every type of shot in the comfort of your own home. This mat is built for durability and made to last through multiple seasons of use.


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Best Golf Nets




Maxfli 23" Chipping Net




Backyard chipping practice can pay dividends on the course. Keep it challenging and interesting with the Maxfli 23″ Chipping Net. The net can expand from 7 to 23 inches, allowing you to test yourself with a variety of targets. Watch your practice pay off the next time you’re facing a difficult up-and-down for par.

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SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit

Who needs a driving range? Work on your full swing at home with the SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit. The 7’ Practice Net comes with a dual-surface launch pad and 12 impact golf balls that are dent resistant and limit flight, so you have everything you need for driving range practice at home. Setup and take-down is easy thanks to the kit’s simple tent technology that allows the net to fold up flexibly.

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Maxfli 9' x 8' Performance Golf Hitting Net



The Maxfli Performance Hitting Net is another great option for practicing full swings in the backyard. The shock-corded frame sets up easily and helps provide long-lasting durability. The net includes a detachable target so you can sharpen your accuracy, and the included carry bag allows for convenient storage and transport.


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Best Golf Training Balls




1. Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls




A common complaint with practice balls is that they don’t fly like real golf balls, so you really can’t gauge how well you’re swinging. These foam practice balls feature the same HEX dimple pattern found on real Callaway golf balls, giving you incredibly realistic flight and feedback in your own backyard at reduced distances. You’ll get nine balls and a mesh carry bag for added convenience.

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BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls

If you want the ability to feel like you’re hitting a real golf ball but don’t want the added headache of finding large enough area to practice, BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls are for you. These practice balls spin exactly like a regular golf ball ,complete with a rewarding flight and sound. The reverse spin-around horizontal axis allows you to practice a draw or fade and the high quality, durable polymer construction ensures these balls are dependable for long-term use.


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Best Golf Swing Analyzers




Bushnell Launch Pro


Thinking about adding a personal launch monitor to your practice routine? If so, consider the Bushnell Launch Pro. Launch Pro’s camera-based technology delivers tour-level accuracy both indoors and out. To provide ultra-accurate results the Launch Pro captures club and ball data via a 3-high-speed, high-resolution system that supplies exact carry distance, clubhead speed, launch and spin. Pick up your own Bushnell Launch Pro for a world-class training facility that fits in your golf bag.


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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor




Next time you go to the range, take the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor with you and practice like a pro. Simply connect your iPhone to the monitor, set it on the ground next to your hitting mat, and swing away. The monitor will record each swing you take and display key metrics on your phone, including carry distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, launch direction and more. You can also review video of each swing, complete with tracer technology that shows the flight of your shots–just like the pros on Tour. The launch monitor itself is small and light–not much bigger than a standard smartphone–so you can easily store it in your golf bag. The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is currently only compatible with Apple phones.

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