Bryson DeChambeau on His Workout Routine

Learn how the professional golfer makes gains in the gym and discover the benefits of his routine.

March 27, 2020

Bryson DeChambeau wants to prove bigger is better.


The professional golfer dedicated himself to adding muscle mass to improve his golf game. Starting at 195 pounds, DeChambeau bulked up to 225 pounds after several months of devoted work in the gym.


Pro Tips spoke with DeChambeau about the work he’s accomplished in the weight room and the gains he’s made on the golf course.




Some people will head to the weight room ready to have a workout session full of bench presses and squats.


But DeChambeau has a different approach to training. The “Mad Scientist” says he favors isolation exercises, rather than compound movements, that train muscles individually. “I feel like by using and training each individual muscle you can aggregate all of them to be able to function at a higher potential rather than just saying, 'Oh, can I use all of them and see if they all work?’,” DeChambeau says.


In addition to his isolation exercises, DeChambeau says he also incorporates bodyweight movements into his training. Want to add some bodyweight exercises to your routine? Check out these popular choices from Pro Tips. Learn how to do these strength training exercises that you can perform at the gym or at home. Also, try the front plank to help strengthen your core.




All this rigorous training proved to be rewarding for DeChambeau. The first improvement he noticed was an increase in his ball speed. The golf pro says his ball speeds are now averaging around 186 miles per hour, even peaking at times over 199 mph. This is an increase from his previous season’s average of around 175 mph. DeChambeau also saw an increase in his swing speed, which he says reached 134 mph.


But the biggest benefit for DeChambeau since his transformation, he says, has been his stability. By increasing your stability, you can see improvements in the quality of your swing.


“Now I’ve got some meat … and some size on me. And that’s what’s really allowed me to feel like I can be stable over the golf ball,” DeChambeau says. “And, from being stable, produce more force. I feel like I’m more grounded so I can rotate harder and punch harder under that ball.”


Putting in time in the weight room led DeChambeau to making gains in his golf game. With dedication in the gym and on the course, lower scores may be in your future, too.


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