How to Hit an Iron with Joey Sindelar

It’s valuable to be able to picture your swing when you’re learning to play golf. Learn how this golf champ does just that.

April 11, 2017

A golf swing is like a huge wagon wheel. That is one way you could imagine it, if you want to learn how to align your swing for hitting golf balls just right. According to PGA TOUR Champ Joey Sindelar, you have to use your imagination to develop this skill, starting by picturing your swing as a large wheel that would fit over your entire body.

For right-handers, the hub of the wheel is your left shoulder, and it anchors the whole thing together. At the bottom of the golf swing, your left arm should be completely straight from the shoulder down, and that’s where your club hits the ground or, “where the door closes” as Sindelar says. The right arm remains folded.

You want the iron to hit the ground at the bottom of the “wagon wheel.” Since you don’t want to hit the ground and the ball at the same time, in order to hit the ball first, put the golf ball directly behind the spot where you would hit the ground. This will allow the club to knock the ball into the air immediately before hitting the ground. You want the ball to be at about the middle of your chest, behind your left shoulder. When you swing, imagine that wagon wheel spinning into the ground and through to the other side. Hit the ball first and then the ground.

An important thing any golfer should remember is to hit the ground. If you don’t, you’ll be helping the ball into the air, possibly throwing off the trajectory of the ball. Irons are made to get the golf ball flying, so you don’t have to do it.

Start with imagery. Then work on aligning your swing, and finally aligning it at full speed.