Golf Raingear Checklist

Rain shouldn’t ruin your day on the course. The right gear will allow you to play through the weather.

September 24, 2019

Rainy weather in the forecast? Don’t let the elements stop you from teeing off.

Heading to the golf course prepared can keep you playing a full round of 18 on a soggy day. Pro Tips is here with a rundown of everything you’ll need to make the most of your day on the course.


Lightweight waterproof outerwear can help keep you dry throughout your round. When choosing a rain jacket and a pair of rain pants, make sure you have plenty of room. You don’t want your clothing to affect your swing. Many golf rain jackets and rain suits have zippered pockets that will secure items like your wallet and scorecard.

It can be beneficial to layer, too. Depending on the temperature, consider the following:

  • Base layer: This can include compression gear and mocknecks.
  • Second layer: Options for this layer include a quarter-zip or fleece jacket.
  • Outer layer: This layer includes rain jackets, rain pants and windbreakers.

And don’t forget about your feet. Wet socks can easily ruin your day. A pair of waterproof golf shoes act as a barrier between your feet and the wet grass. Pack a pair of extra socks in your bag. This will allow you to change your socks midway through your round or after the last hole.


First, make sure you have a good pair of all-weather gloves to help keep a solid grip on your clubs. Some golf gloves are specifically for use in both the rain and cold temperatures. If you have a couple of pairs, keep the ones you are not wearing in a plastic bag in your golf bag. This allows you to switch them out if needed.

You can also bring along a pair of cart mitts on cool days. These will help protect your hands in ugly weather, keeping you warm and dry as you move from hole to hole.

Bonus Pro Tip: If the temperatures are cool, pack a few hand warmers to stay toasty between shots. Keep your hand warmers in a pair of gloves or in your golf bag so they don’t lose heat in the open air.

Your choice of umbrella can impact your day. Go with an umbrella specifically designed for golf. These typically measure between 62 inches and 68 inches. A larger umbrella can be helpful if you are walking as it will cover not only you, but also your golf bag and clubs. Some golf umbrellas come with a double canopy design. This can provide extra protection and durability.

Also, bring along a few golf towels. These will allow you to dry off your hands and grips between shots. To keep your towels dry, stash an extra towel or two in your golf bag.

Another way to keep your towels dry and easily accessible is to open your umbrella and keep the towels on the metal spokes. This is also a convenient way to dry out your gloves.

It can be important to keep your golf bag dry. In addition to using a waterproof golf bag, you can add a bag umbrella or a rain hood. Both assist in keeping your gear dry when golfing in the rain. This can be especially helpful in keeping the grips of your clubs dry to help for consistent grasp.

Looking to keep score? Pack an extra scorecard and keep it somewhere dry, such as your golf bag or in a plastic sandwich bag. This is helpful as the original scorecard could become too soggy to use.


You can add some gear to your golf cart to make the experience a little more enjoyable. A windshield will help keep the contents of the cart dry. A golf cart heater will also keep you and your fellow golfers warm as you trek across the course.

Don’t let rain dampen your day on the course. By coming prepared with the right golf raingear, you’ll be ready to play an enjoyable round of 18.

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