Made to Score with Jordan Spieth: How to Hit a Wedge Shot

Your approach shots can make a huge difference on the golf course. Set yourself up for shorter putts and lower scores with these wedge-shot tips from PGA TOUR pro Jordan Spieth.

February 27, 2018

When you’re playing for par or looking to gain a stroke or two on the golf course, a great way to set yourself up is with a proper approach shot. This often calls for a crisp and accurate wedge.

Wedges can be invaluable clubs for approaching the pin, clearing hazards and getting out of less-than-desired lies. Being confident in your wedge shot can be the difference between a simple two-foot tap-in and having to plan for a lag putt. Thankfully, acclaimed golf pro Jordan Spieth has some tips from the tour to help strengthen your golf game.


Like any shot in golf, a well-executed wedge shot begins with your setup and stance.

“The most important thing to hitting a wedge shot is to get a very stable base and have as little movement throughout your body as possible,” Spieth says. He adds that you should aim to have your weight slightly forward and the ball position should be a tad toward the back of your stance.

Your backswing should be simple and to the point, and your movement should be limited through the backswing.

“I’m taking it back and through,” Spieth says. “I’m not trying to move my body or lift it up. I’m not trying to hit too far down. I’m just allowing the club to do the work through the turf.”


If your path to the pin challenges you with hazards such as water or sand, don’t feel like you’re trapped.

“This is a scary shot for any golfer, no matter your caliber,” Spieth says. “In order to take the water out of play, I go to basics. I pick a target about, let’s say, 10 feet right of where the pin is so that my eyes are focused away from the water.”

Spieth adds that you can also try to put some draw spin on your ball to potentially roll it closer to the hole upon landing.

A well-struck wedge can be a great addition to your golf game this year, and having these tips in your back pocket can help make your next tee time a more enjoyable experience. Fine tune your wedge shot with these Pro Tips and leave the bogeys for the birds.