Starting Your Putt on the Proper Line with the Gate Drill

Run through this golf putting drill to help make sure you don’t veer off course, but sink your putts instead.

August 28, 2018

You are conquering a difficult hole at your local course. You have avoided a tricky bunker and a large water hazard, and your ball has landed on the green under par. All you need to do now is sink your putt.


You line up, steady your body and take the putt. But the ball veers just to the side of the hole. It can be a golfer’s worst nightmare.


This is what makes working on your putting line so crucial. But by practicing with the Gate Drill, you can help send your next ball on the intended putting line.


“Once you can make this putt 20 times in a row, you are on your way to becoming a better putter,” says Symetra Tour player Gabrielle Shipley.




To set up the drill, you will need four tees. The first two tees will be set up about sixfeetfrom the hole. Make sure they are placed just outside the width of the putter. You’ll then place the ball in between these two tees.


Next, set up the other two tees about threefeet from the hole. These two tees will need to be just slightly larger than the width of a golf ball, so that it can roll through.


After setting the drill up, step back to the ball and attempt a putt by sending the ball through both sets of tees and into the hole.


“It is important to know that the back two gates help with your putting stroke,” Shipley says. “If you hit them, it means you are either pushing it out or pulling it in.”


But if you hit the second set of tees, it could be a sign that one of two things is wrong with your putt:

  • If you hit the right tee, your putter face is open
  • If you hit the left tee, your putter face is closed

This is a drill that can help you adjust your putt by offering constant feedback. Use the Gate Drill to help make misguided putts a thing of the past.


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