Golf Tips: The Key To A Proper Set Up

It all starts with your setup. Learn how to position your body before swinging your club.

June 30, 2016

The key to a good swing starts with a good setup, so making sure you’re going through the proper measures prior to moving the club is extremely important.

"Most of the mistakes I  see people make actually start prior to the swing," says PGA Pro Shanon Hoyt says. "A good setup is going to include the proper grip, good stance, good balance and good posture."


Grip your fingers around the club before gripping with your palm. If gripped with the palm first, there could be be too much tension between your hand and the club, which could result in loss of control throughout your swing.


Your feet should be placed the width of your shoulders so that they are a bit wider than your hips. Your weight should be distributed evenly between your feet and your knees should be bent slightly, just enough to make sure they turn with the rest of your body during your swing.


Tilt your hips by keeping your upper body and torso straight. While moving your hips backward, your shoulders come naturally forward.

These steps should help you achieve proper balance, which should be maintained throughout your swing.