What to Wear on the Golf Course

Learn the do’s and don’ts of dressing to the nines for a round of 18.

December 16, 2019

You have all the golf gear you need for a successful round at your local course: clubs, balls, gloves, a bag.

But having the right outfit can be just as important.

The right golf apparel transcends just looking the part. Your golf outfit becomes part of your game. The right fit can help protect you from the elements and provide high levels of comfort without restricting your movement.

To help match your style to your stroke, Pro Tips is here to walk you through what to look for in golf apparel. Remember: Use these tricks to help identify the right and wrong way to dress when heading to the golf course.


Before heading to the course, it can be beneficial to call ahead or check the club website for their dress code. Dress codes can vary from course to course. Some may be more casual than others.


For male golfers, wearing a collared shirt is standard. These can include short-sleeved golf polos. Some clubs and courses also allow modern golf shirts that feature a mockneck or blade collar.

BONUS PRO TIP: It’s common golf etiquette to tuck your shirt into your pants or shorts.

When it comes to pants, you have a couple of options. It is generally frowned upon to wear jeans on the golf course. Some clubs may also forbid denim pants. You can wear a pair of slacks. Many golfers go with pants made of a polyester blend or cotton. In warm conditions, you can wear dress shorts. However, you’ll want your golf shorts to be around knee-length.

No matter your preference, choose a style with belt loops. Wearing a belt that complements your outfit is highly encouraged on the links.


There are a variety of shirt options for female golfers. Collared, mockneck or athletic non-collared tops can be appropriate attire. You can also go with golf dresses. T-shirts or tube tops should be avoided.

Female golfers have a variety of bottoms to choose from as well:

  • Golf skorts can be a great option for a round of 18. They are available in multiple lengths, with most hitting mid-thigh to a few inches above the knee.
  • Shorts are a viable apparel choice for warm days on the course. They range in length from mid-thigh to Bermuda.
  • Women can also wear capris or golf pants. Both can be prime fits for cooler conditions. Some courses allow an athletic pant as well, but jeans are typically not acceptable on the golf course.


Keep in mind the depth of your pockets. Many bottoms designed for golf have deep pockets, and some pants and shorts feature a five-pocket design. This can make for easy storage of items such as your ball marker or divot repair tool.


Being comfortable during a round of golf can lead to positive marks on your scorecard.

Like any other occasion, the weather can dictate your outfit.

  • In warm conditions, you’ll want to go with clothes that breathe to help you stay cool.
  • In cooler temperatures, it can be beneficial to layer your outfit. A sweater, windbreaker, fleece vest, jacket or quarter-zip can be a solid addition to your outfit.

Planning on golfing in soggy conditions? Check out this Pro Tips guide on what to wear when golfing in the rain. 


Adding a hat to your outfit can help keep the sun out of your eyes. Permitted styles can include baseball caps, visors and straw hats. If you choose to wear a hat when playing a round of golf, wear it in the proper manner. Keep the brim facing forward. Do not turn your hat backward.


When your style meets the sod, you’ll want a solid pair of golf shoes to complement your game. Not sure what kind of golf shoes are right for you? Check out this guide on how to buy golf shoes. In addition, some courses will allow you to wear a pair of athletic shoes while golfing.

You should note that you can’t wear metal spikes at many golf courses. You’ll want to go with golf shoes with soft spikes or a spikeless style. Learn the difference between spiked and spikeless golf shoes with these Pro Tips.

Finally, don’t forget about your socks. You can either go with ankle-length or the more traditional tube sock.

It’s important to head to the golf course prepared by wearing the proper outfit. Look good and feel good the next time you tee off with these apparel Pro Tips.

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