Understanding Shooting Space in Women's Lacrosse

Make sure you understand this vital regulation in order to remain out of the penalty area with these women’s lacrosse tips.

June 27, 2018

Women’s lacrosse has specific rules set in place to help keep active players safe during gameplay. One such rule that every player should know is the shooting space rule.


In simplest terms, the shooting space rule states that a defender cannot run into the path of an attacker, into their shooting lane. A ref can call this action during play. And if it is, the penalty is an eight-meter shot for the offensive player. During this shot, the penalized defender will start four meters behind the shooter.


To avoid being called for shooting space, defenders should try to approach the attacker rather than their shooting lane.


Not only can obeying this rule keep you from giving up uncontested shots, but it’s meant to also help avoid injuries.


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