Delaney Spaulding's Approach to Hitting with Confidence

Step into the batter’s box with swagger and strength this softball season by following these tips from pro softball player Delaney Spaulding.

October 12, 2018

As you approach the plate for an at-bat, a switch goes off. It’s time to go to work, and you can’t work efficiently without confidence. In order to beat the pitcher and put bat on ball, you need to have a fearless mentality while hitting, and it begins with stepping into the box with a positive mindset. Softball professional Delaney Spaulding has some insight on how to step to the plate with bravado, along with some recommendations based on her personal approach.




One thing that Spaulding suggests all hitters do to help boost their confidence at the plate is to develop a routine, incorporating little movements and indicators to help you focus in on defeating the pitcher. This can be done with minor things like readjusting your batting gloves, having a consistent foot pattern (kicking dirt or drawing a line in the box with your cleat) or other quirks to get you settled in. Your routine can be as unique as you want it to be; whatever works to help you keep success on your mind before facing the pitcher.


“When I stick to my routine, no matter if I’m having a bad day, no matter if I’m having a good day, it brings me home and it gives me a sense of comfortability,” Spaulding says on finding peace before the storm in her approach to batting.


Spaulding says her routine is multi-stepped and has helped get her mindset on owning pitchers throughout her career. “Personally, I like to wipe out the dirt and then I get focused stepping out,” she explains. “As I step into the box I stare at the pitcher, half-swing and make sure that I’m always staring at the pitcher so that she knows I’m ready and I’m locked in and I’m waiting for her.”


So, put some charisma into your approach this softball season and hit a homer before you even take a cut. By approaching the plate with supreme confidence and using Learn from Spaulding’s tips, you’ll leave no doubt that you’re here to hit.


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