How To Pitch With More Power

Watch and learn as Jennie Finch demonstrates the three keys to pitching with more power.

June 13, 2016

When it comes to success on the mound, power and pitching are two words that go hand-in-glove. Softball expert Jennie Finch, who began her pitching career at just eight years old, shares three simple, yet effective tips to help you throw harder and feel stronger.

Start by focusing on leg drive. Powerful pitches start with a firm foundation in the legs, every time. Establishing a solid base allows you to put incredible force behind the ball.

Next comes arm speed. The faster your arm moves, the faster the ball reaches the plate. Maintain a straight arm and follow through with that in-line circle.

Finish strong by focusing on resistance. Resist forward motion in the front side of your body, in particular, your front thigh, as this is where the spin, power and torque on the ball originate.

Watch and learn as Jennie demonstrates her three keys to pitching with more power.