Softball Drills to Improve Quick Feet

Use these softball agility drills to work on your footspeed and athleticism this season.

February 08, 2017

Footspeed and agility are top qualities to have on the softball diamond. To train for quicker feet, a great tool to use is the agility ladder. There are many speed drills you can run through with this training aid. Here are a few quick exercises you can try.


The high knee drill is a simple speed drill that gets your feet moving. Begin at one end of your outstretched agility ladder and high-knee step through the structure. Make sure to step with one foot in each ladder rung as you navigate down the line. Keep your arms pumping in rhythm with your legs. This can help with keeping your chest balanced, as well as body control. Repeat your high knee drill down and back for a full workout.



A more advanced softball agility drill is the slalom, also known as the ski drill. Begin at one end of your speed ladder and put your lead foot into the first rung. Next, bring your following foot into the same rung. Your next step should take your lead foot out of the ladder and move your following foot up into the next rung. For example, if you begin by leading with your right foot, your steps should be as follows:

  • Right foot in.
  • Left foot in.
  • Right foot out.
  • Left foot up.

Repeat this pattern all the way through the ladder. As you become more comfortable with the steps, pick up the pace of the drill.




For your final softball ladder drill, line up with your agility ladder to your side. Take your lead foot into the first rung, followed by your trailing foot. Step back and out of the ladder structure with your lead foot and follow with your other foot. In, in. Out, out. For example, if you were working to your left:

  • Left foot in.
  • Right foot in.
  • Left foot out.
  • Right foot out.

Again, perform this pattern through the entire ladder. Keep your body under control and go at a pace that's comfortable for you.


Agility ladder drills can be a great way to improve your footspeed and quickness. These skills can translate into on-field success, both in the field and on the basepaths. Use these helpful softball drills to practice your footwork and get a leg up on your opponents this year.