Softball Hitting Drills: Two Plate Drill

Timing is a crucial part of successful hitting. Learn how to handle different pitch speeds with the two plate drill.

October 10, 2019

In order to be a successful hitter, timing is key. Understanding how to approach different pitch speeds can be the difference between getting a hit and striking out.

“A crucial part to hitting is to be on time, no matter the velocity of the pitcher,” CJ Browder, a former collegiate softball player, says.

One way that Browder suggests hitters can work on their timing is through the two plate drill.

“The two plate drill can help players feel more prepared for different speeds in a game setting,” Browder says.


This drill for hitters has a straightforward name. To complete it, you’ll need two plates and someone to toss to you.

Set up the drill by placing the two plates three feet apart. Your partner should stand behind a pitcher’s screen with a bucket of softballs.

Next, your partner will front toss the ball as you alternate hitting from each plate. It’s crucial for the thrower to maintain a consistent speed with each toss. This forces you to adjust your timing as pitches to the closer plate will appear faster than those to the plate further from your partner.

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