Softball Hitting: Stride, Load and Timing

A solid at-bat should start with good stride, load and timing to put you in position to make explosive contact.

March 31, 2019

No matter if it's the top of the first or you're in extra innings, you want to be in a strong position to hit the ball when you step into the batter’s box.

It can all start with stride, load and timing.


As a hitter, you want to make sure to stride softly onto the ball of your foot. This will help you to maintain balance and ensure that you’re in line with the pitcher.

Happening simultaneously with your stride is a good upper-body load. Load refers to how a player gathers momentum for their swing. It's important to get your hands into a good position to hit. The load starts by coiling your core, which can help to drive your hands back into a powerful position.


Putting these two components together is key to your timing. Timing is going to be different for each hitter and will be dependent on the pitcher and the velocity of their pitches. The harder a pitcher throws, the earlier you'll need to start your stride and load.

Developing the stride, load and timing of your swing can help put you into a more powerful position to hit.

You'll want to be ready for whatever a pitcher throws at you. Here are a few tips on how to be ready for a pitch thrown to the outside.