Softball Outfielder Tips: How to Handle a Ground Ball

Learn how to match your fielding technique to your situation with these softball Pro Tips.

February 01, 2017

Softball players have a few ways they can approach fielding ground balls. Each fielding technique is dependent on what baserunning scenario is in front of you. To command the field with lockdown defense, it’s crucial you understand these various strategies. 


Your first ground ball scenario for the outfield is when baserunners pose no threat of advancing to the next base. For this outfield play, your focus should be on keeping the softball in front of you. Both hands should be out and ready to receive the ball, with your hips and shoulders square to the grounder. For this play, the goal is to safely secure the softball and get it back into the infield.


Your fielding technique should be more aggressive when baserunners can advance. Attack the oncoming softball and field it to your glove side. Fielding the ground ball to your side can help your throwing efficiency as you use the momentum to make an accurate toss. Stay aggressive through the entire fielding progression and deliver an on-target throw to your cutoff.

Understanding how to field a ground ball in the outfield can help strengthen your team’s defense on the diamond. Use these tips to keep opposing teams at bay this season.

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