Softball Pitcher Drills: Arm Speed Knee Drill

Put focus on your upper body with this helpful softball pitching drill for improved arm speed and wrist snap.

October 10, 2019

There are many moving parts to a successful pitch. To maximize your delivery, you should be confident with each component.

The arm speed knee drill can be a great way to isolate and work on your upper body mechanics. This fastpitch pitching drill can help you train to improve your arm speed and wrist snap. Former professional softball player Jessica Vogel has some tips to get you into this effective and simple softball pitcher workout.


The arm speed knee drill can help isolate your upper body by removing your legs from your pitching motion. This is accomplished by taking a knee with your drag leg and extending your land leg out toward the plate. So, right-handed pitchers should take a knee with their right leg, and left-handed pitchers should rest on their left leg. Your forward-facing landing leg should angle outward at 45 degrees. “Keep your foot flat on the ground, giving yourself a solid base,” Vogel adds.

BONUS PRO TIP: If you prefer more support, try taking a knee on a padded bucket lid. This can help keep you comfortable throughout the arm speed knee drill.

Once you’ve gotten your lower half into position, you can square up your shoulders. Your hips and shoulders should be parallel with one another. Extend your arms forward and go through your pitching delivery. “Focus on keeping your arm circle long, brushing by your ear and engaging your core as you release the ball,” Vogel says.

In addition to arm speed and wrist snap, this softball drill can be effective in teaching proper arm swing. You can also use the arm speed knee drill to perfect your release point.

Subtract your legs from your pitching equation and add more control to your delivery with this helpful exercise.

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