Softball Pitcher Drills: Long Toss Progression

Build your strength and learn to explode through each pitch with this effective softball pitching drill.

October 10, 2019

Pitchers aren’t limited to throwing from mound to plate. Long toss can be a great way for you to develop arm and leg strength in one effective drill. Pitching long toss can also help you build your explosiveness off the rubber.

To keep your arm safe and aid your progress, you should first look to build from shorter distances. Former professional softball player Jessica Vogel shares some insight to advance your long toss approach. Use these Pro Tips to stretch the distance and maximize results with this helpful fastpitch pitching drill.


A good starting point for long toss for pitchers is slightly behind the mound. According to Vogel, you can increase your target distance as you become comfortable with a length. The beauty of adding long toss to your softball practice routine is there are no limits to how far you can progress. As you build strength and confidence, you can push yourself back as far as your skills will let you. These abilities can be based on a combination of strength and throwing form.


Throwing long toss is slightly different from other pitching drills. To cover the distances, you should use your legs and leg strength by stepping toward your target. Vogel recommends taking powerful steps to create momentum toward your throwing partner.

“Make sure you keep your weight in your legs and kick your heel up toward the sky,” she says. “You also want to make sure your spin is straight over the top and that your ball travels in a straight line.”

Try to send your softballs on an arched trajectory toward your throwing partner. This rainbow flight pattern can help you reach your catcher easier.

Vogel notes that as you gain strength through repetition, you can push your distances and truly begin to challenge yourself. “There are no limits on how far a pitcher can progress with her long toss,” she says.

Push your limits and develop your pitching strength with these softball tips. This effective drill can help you learn the proper throwing progression and test your skills.

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