Softball Throwing Tips: Proper Arm Action

Learn how a fluid motion can help your throwing mechanics with these tips.

March 22, 2017

There isn’t one surefire way to throw a softball. Variables like position and personal abilities can affect your mechanics. However, there are still factors that should be present in all arm actions. One such fundamental is having a fluid and continuous arm action from your transition through your release.

To achieve fluidity in your softball throw, begin with your shoulders and hips in line with your target. Next, focus on your hand separation. Take the ball from your glove with your thumb pointing down. As you separate, move your throwing arm in a circular motion until your thumb is pointing toward the sky.

The final component to the proper arm action for softball is your arm acceleration. After release, make sure you continue to accelerate through your target.


To work on mastering this fluid motion and arm acceleration, use the figure 8 drill. To perform this exercise, take your throwing hand down across your chest and toward your front hip. Next, make the first half of your figure 8 by bringing the ball from your front hip up to your front shoulder. Complete this step in a circular motion.

Continue the momentum from your front to your back in a downward direction. From here, this should resemble your normal arm load: bottom to top in a circular motion. Finish the drill by releasing all the built-up momentum with a strong throw on target.

The proper arm action can help you deliver better throws with quickness, strength and efficiency. Use these softball tips to build better fundamentals this season.