Softball Tips: Aleshia Ocasio on Managing Reps

Managing your reps for multiple positions can be tough. Aleshia Ocasio shares her tips on how to balance your training.

September 24, 2019

The ability to fill multiple roles can make you extremely valuable to your softball team. Whenever you are called upon, you want to be able to succeed. This makes it crucial to get in enough practice at each position.

Regardless of playing level, it can be challenging to manage the necessary workload.

Someone who knows a great deal about taking on different on-field roles is professional and international softball player Aleshia Ocasio. Ocasio, who is a pitcher and utility player, says pacing yourself is key.

“It’s important that you don’t overwork your body and especially your arm when taking defensive reps,” she notes.

When it comes to the best way to manage your reps, Ocasio recommends using the “no-throw method.”

“With the no-throw method, you can take more than twice the amount of reps at your desired position without overworking your arm,” she says.


The no-throw method of training is somewhat true to its name. Rather than throwing on each rep, you’ll only throw the ball on pre-determined sets. The cadence for the no-throw method can vary, but Ocasio recommends throwing on every third rep.

Let’s take the example of practicing your fielding at third base. Set up in your defensive position and have a partner roll ground balls your way. During the first two reps, step out and get to your throwing position. However, rather than throwing the ball, simply toss it off to the side.

For every third ball fielded, go ahead and throw it to first base. By only throwing once every three reps, you can help limit the stress on your arm.

“With the no-throw method, all you need is somebody to train with and a bucket of balls,” Ocasio says.

While it’s important to be able to manage your reps, it’s also crucial to build your mental toughness. Learn how Ocasio maintains her composure with these Pro Tips.